BUILTBYCRUZAT: Currently In Progress

Life is good. I've been doing some great work with Periscope Creative since April and working several projects with Christine Ellsworth. Too much work to build out my vanity projects, but that's a good sort of problem.

PS, vanity projects include the portfolio, and this site is about six months past an oil change. At least it still looks cool!

Not politically affiliated. Good luck America!

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Iron HTML5 / CSS3 structures. Shaolin monks silently glide on these layouts.

Design for web and beyond. I get silly with the pixels.

Raw dog JavaScript and fancy ponce JQUERY. The future needs JS and you do too.

Putting WordPress on a leash, pwning the loop.

Going bare-knuckle with PHP, digging deep for victory.

Learning what I need to know to get it done.


Flash-based animation for web or video.

Sound design / audio engineering.

AV preparation for various delivery channels.

Insane Focus mode when the pressure is on (smokejumper/triage mode).

Team Leadership / Project Management.

I make killer sandwiches.



Promoted to Lead Web Dev in Marketing at Webtrends, spearhead several projects including mothersite interface upgrades, scavenger hunt and an internal documentation site.


Free agent once again in July. Go ahead, make me an offer I can't refuse.



Peter Cruzat is a front-end web developer and graphic designer living and laughing in Portland OR. A Chicago ex-patriot since 2006, it remains a strong moustache. Herr Cruzat enjoys digging through crates of filthy vinyl, slow walks on dim lit streets, 12-bit samplers vs simulator plugins, chatting with animals, Vienna beef hot dogs fixed right (no peppers), watching shows that you have never heard of, doodling on actual paper and collecting street-noise.

Herr Cruzat is both a Cancer and a snack enthusiast.